Jamboon Flex: Expand your business with our SD-WAN construction kit.

Design your own SD-WAN solutions or develop completely new business ideas for your IT company. You will be amazed: With Jamboon Flex there are no limits to your imagination.

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Modular elements for IT companies

Jamboon Flex consists of only these three elements

Management Server

Design your projects in a modern and easy to use GUI (Graphical user interface). A project can be a simple internet connection, a redundant P2P connection or a worldwide network.

Our management server is at your disposal. We take care of regular updates and backup!

Cloud gateway

Cloud gateways are used to terminate the different tunnels of your Jamboon boxes. The gateways can be installed anywhere: At your customers, a cloud provider or in your data center.

Use our gateways or simply build your own. On server hardware or virtualized.

Jamboon-Box / vBox

Jamboon boxes use multiple WAN lines. Either bundled together for increased bandwidth or as a backup to bring traffic to the cloud. They are installed either on site or in the cloud. Whether on hardware or software - both are possible options.

The boxes are available as hardware devices for different bandwidth requirements or as an ISO image for your own hardware/cloud deployment.

Unlimited opportunities

What can you do with the SD-WAN construction kit?

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Expand your portfolio: See where your customers have issues and build the solution for them. Or develop a completely new business idea.

You have all the choices available. We give you the option to install our software on your own hardware. This allows you to use your own corporate design and branding.

There are no limits to your creativity

Let us inspire you:
Innovative ideas for new business models

Internet with high availability

The most simple use case: Your customer needs a high available Internet connection. Bundle multiple Internet connections - including LTE - and configure them as backup or combine them for increased bandwidth.

Cloud Access

Do you offer cloud services such as telephony or video conferencing? Then install a cloud gateway in your data center and connect your customers via CPE with multiple providers. Thanks to redundant multiple connections, there is no loss of sessions if one line is interrupted.

Secure Access Products

Bundle SD-WAN access with virtual security solutions, such as firewalls, URL filtering, spam filtering and more. Offer managed solutions in the cloud or virtualized on a CPE.

Event Solutions

Bundle multiple LTE connections to get high bandwidths at outdoor events. Satellite connections are also supported.

International solutions

Realize international cloud connectivity with common providers with simple tools.

Site networking

Install a CPE at each customer site and/or a virtual CPE in the data center. Install one or more cloud gateways and use them to build a highly available network.

Use your own IP addresses

You can use your own IP addresses or those of your provider to access resources within the customer network. This makes sense, for example, for remote maintenance solutions or for solutions in the field of Industry 4.0 and M2M

Mobile solutions

Do you need reliable data access for fleets? Every vehicle can be equipped with our innovative technology and gain access to all resources of the company network.

Home Office

Create an out-of-the-box solution for your customers. Install the CPE, configure it and you're done. Highly available and secure!

Leased Line

Replicate the function of a P2P leased line by installing one CPE at each customer site.

Smart SD-WAN based technology

Performance. Quality. Safety.

To get started a Jamboon cloud gateway and a Jamboon box is required. These two components establish multiple tunnels for secure communication. With one cloud gateway, you can network multiple sites. With multiple cloud gateways, you are able to build an international backbone.

The technological base operates at the packet level. By monitoring the individual packets during transmission, packet loss, latency and jitter of a connection are permanently measured. Using these measured values, our intelligent data transmission ensures that packets are always transmitted along the best available path. This increases tha bandwidth and improves performance.

The end point of your communication with the Internet is always a single IP address. This IP address remains the same, even if one of your ISP lines break down. This therefore guarantees uninterrupted communications, which is very important for telephony and video. We call this feature "Same-IP-Failover"


Hochverfügbares Internet

Any number of Internet connections can be used in parallel. This increases the available bandwidth of your Internet connection. For example, if two Internet connections with 100MBit and 50MBit are operated together, the total bandwidth reaches about 90% of the sum of the two connections, i.e. about 130 to 140 Mbit, depending on the application.

By splitting TCP sessions and optimizing the TCP stack, the user experience is dramatically improved. Your packet losses are minimized and latencies are reliably compensated.

Priorities and guaranteed bandwidths can be set for services and applications. QoS can be set individually for each network. However, many networks work well with the default settings.

Your Internet connection can be extended with several additional WAN connections. The access technology may vary; LTE and satellite are also supported. This gives you a secure backup solution.

The authentication between the server and the box takes place with certificates. In addition, encryption with 128-bit AES or 256-bit AES is possible. Man in the middle attacks are impossible because the data transmission is distributed.

IP addresses remain for a session, even if a line fails. This means that there is no annoying interruption during telephone calls or video conferences. Quite the contrary: your sessions remain completely intact.

We offer you many alternatives

The right solution for all cases.

Jamboon Internet Box

Our hardware

We have Hardware suitable for different bandwidths available. You have several options regarding the processors and the number of interfaces.

Our service promise:
We deliver the hardware pre-installed with our software. Alternatively, we also provide you with an ISO image that you can install on your own hardware.

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Internetanschluss gesucht?

SD-WAN Lösungen brauchen Internetanschlüsse und oft sogar mehrere. Um unser Angebot zu vervollständigen, bieten wir als zusätzlichen Service worldwide Internet connections .

Our service promise:
To make life easier for our partners, we take care of the connectivity management on site and look for the best solution for you.

Get started now!

Use our SD-WAN construction kit and expand your business with Jamboon Flex. We would be happy to inform you about our attractive packages, which we have compiled exclusively for IT system houses. Feel free to contact us!