Jamboon Plug&Play Homeoffice 2.0

The new generation of home office networking solutions

Stay ready and available at all times for your customers!

Working from home has never been easier:
Simply grab the phone & PC
from your office desk and put them on your home desk

The safest home office - Telephony & Office.

Jamboon Plug&Play Homeoffice 2.0
Unique features

Continue working as if you were in your office.

Simply take your phone & company PC/laptop home with you and continue working from there without any restrictions. With Jamboon Plug&Play Homeoffice 2.0 you work as if you were physically in the office.

Never miss a call again with Voice-Over-IP.

Remain reachable as usual under your company phone number for your customers. No one realizes that you take calls from home or even call customers from there..

Highest security due to network separation
(private network & company network).

Jamboon Plug&Play Homeoffice 2.0 separates your private network from the company network.Thus, your home office is secured as usual under the currently deployed security solutions of the company (firewalls, virus protection, etc.).

Plug&Play - Solution:
Simply connect and you are ready to go.

Anyone can do this: Connect your internet router to port 1 of the Jamboon box. For your laptop or PC and phone (and other possible devices) use ports 2-5 of the Jamboon box. Now you're ready to go!

It has never been that easy.

Connect your Jamboon box and get started immediately.

How it works! Connect your home office:

Schritt 1: WLAN-Router/Fritz-Box an die Jamboon-Box anschließen – Port 1

Schritt 2: Firmen-Laptop/oder PC an die Jamboon-Box anschließen  – Port 2

Schtitt 3: Firmen-Telefon an die Jamboon-Box anschließen – Port 3

Simple, secure & quick to set up.

Jamboon Plug&Play Homeoffice 2.0:
The perfect network solution for your home office.

  • No installation required - Plug & Play
  • No administration - user, password, permissions - everything will remain as it is!
  • Therefore no costs are caused
  • Immediately ready for use

Jamboon Plug&Play Homeoffice 2.0 can do more!

Comparison of home office solutions.

 Homeoffice 1.0
Homeoffice 1.0
Homeoffice 2.0
Home office solutions in comparison:VPNRemote-DesktopJamboon Plug&Play
Access to company data or central software without restrictions-++++++
Complexity for the end user (login password etc.)---+++
Complexity for IT staff setup / support-----+++
Security through network separation---++++++
IPv6 compatible--+++
Reachability via the office phone number for external parties and call forwardingNo feature---+++
Configuration of the telephone system by the customer himselfNo feature---+++

Home office solution 1.0: Solutions currently used on the market

Jamboon Plug&Play Homeoffice 2.0 - Die neue Generation Homeoffice

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