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Jamboon Connect is a Network as a Service solution - it is the perfect choice for a simple and cost-effective approach at site-to-site networking with superior SD-WAN technology. Simply register and get started right away.

Jamboon Connect features at a glance

Intelligent, performant, cost-efficient and secure:
Optimize your network with SD-WAN!

Achieve digital goals simple and smart

Jamboon Connect: The SD-WAN revolution in the networking world.

SD-WAN is now widely used. But in some points Jamboon differs from other solutions and thus offers you unique features.

The Jamboon Connect technology provides you with an agile, virtual and smart network. This includes a worldwide backbone infrastructure. You get all the functionalities of modern SD-WAN technologies with an extraordinary feature set.

Your most important resources in focus

Jamboon saves time and money.

Don't wait several weeks to get your SD-WAN up and running. Jamboon Connect is up and running in just a few days and provides fail-safe site-to-site networking at a much lower cost than competitors.

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Jamboon Connect is the best SD-WAN solution in every case

Chain stores in shopping malls

Connectivity without limits

Is your company present in many cities and especially in shopping malls? Have you already had problems with connectivity? Payment failures are unfortunately part of everyday life in such a enviroment. We have optimized Jamboon for exactly this purpose. There is no other solution on the market that can run a location via a guest network via WLAN or by means of cell phone tethering in addition to the conventional methods via DSL, Ethernet, MPLS, LTE. Whether permanently or only in case of failure: With Jamboon Connect you always have connectivity, more bandwidth and you even reduce your network costs. 

Production companies

Reduce costs - increase performance

You have a small company network with a few branches? Maybe some of these branches are in other countries? Do you have a VPN/MPLS connection in use and the quality, reliability and security aspects leave a lot to be desired? Your hardware costs are high and the entire network administration takes a lot of time and money? This scenario is often typical for small and medium sized manufacturing or sales organizations. With our Jamboon Connect technology you can replace your traditional VPN/MPLS technology and bring your network to a new level in a cost effective and competitive way. Increase the performance, availability and security of your network! Centralized management, increased bandwidth and dramatic cost savings are other benefits you will enjoy. And if you don't want to manage your network yourself, we can get one of our partners on board to assist you. Happy to help!

Retail & Home Office

Redundancy made simple

You want to protect your office against internet outages? With Jamboon Connect this is no problem. Simply connect your local network via DSL or a similar connection to a Jamboon Gateway. In addition, you could use an LTE stick in case of a DSL connection failure. You can also operate several Internet providers in parallel: For example Telekom and Vodafone and additionally LTE via O2. A total of seven WAN connections are available to securely connect your site to the network. If one connection fails, you can continue to work undisturbed. This makes it ideal for small travel agencies, home offices, or others who depend on a trouble-free Internet connection.

Jamboon Connect works very simply

Order, configure, done!

All you need is a free account on our Jamboon Configuration Server (JCS). The browser-based dashboard has all the features you need for Jamboon management.

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